He has developed a reputation for being extremely averse to commitment and has only had three serious girlfriends his whole life. The reality show lovers have become rather unpopular with certain other cast members, but despite this they have become a strong couple. Viewers watched Spencer split from ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson earlier this month, and now the Sloane Square Lothario is happy with vixen Lucy Watson. He gushed to the magazine: ‘Yes she is otherwise I wouldn’t be dating her. I think Lucy will make a fantastic wife and mother. I can’t lie, she’d be a beautiful bride. The year-old Etonian said: ‘Louise has always been jealous of Lucy, even before we were dating. She hated the fact that there was so much chemistry between us. I remember when we were hooking up after we broke up; she said ‘Promise me one thing, that you wont hook up with Lucy Watson?

Made in Chelsea’s Spencer reveals the shocking reason he cheated on Louise in dramatic showdown

But then his long-time crush Caggie Dunlop swanned back into Chelsea and everything changed. Spence was smitten, and there was nothing Funda could do to change what he, the cast, and everyone but Caggie believed was fated. The aspiring songwriter appeared to be publicly crumbling when she cast an Ollie lookalike in her music video, prompting a confrontation with Chloe who claimed she was damaging her new relationship. On paper he should have girls falling at his feet, but sadly his multiple crushes never come to fruition.

By Susanna Lazarus.

Made In Chelsea Season 5: Spencer and Louise finally split after angry a girlfriend, Tara – and they were together when they were skiing, too.

R eality shows live and die by their villains. So how could Made in Chelsea get it so wrong with handsome super-shagger Spencer Matthews? Spencer was an incredible villain because he was so charming. Seemingly intelligent women — Lucy Watson, Louise Thompson, Steph Pratt — fell over themselves to date him and were somehow shocked when he betrayed them. He spent two whole series competing with Andy for Louise, only to cheat on her when he finally started dating her.

He casually admitted to taking part in an orgy while at a garden party. Spencer even laughed as everyone — pissed-off girlfriends, love rivals, even mates — chucked drinks in his face for his bad behaviour. Spencer, who had cruised through all previous episodes wearing the smirk of a man who has a rich dad and knows that qualities such as manners, loyalty and integrity are things only commoners need concern themselves with, poured out his heart to a concerned middle-aged woman, and we were supposed to buy it.

Why would Spencer suddenly become humble, reflective and regret his probably quite fun actions? Did his dry-cleaning bill run too high?

Francis made in chelsea dating website

The feud between Made In Chelsea ‘s Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson shows no signs of abating after the latter hit out at her love rival in a new interview. The pair were only locked in a Twitter war of words on Monday , and now Lucy – who is dating Louise’s ex Spencer Matthews – has said Louise is on the rebound with new love Andy Jordan , and would take back her cheating ex if she could. Asked if Louise would ever take Spencer back, Lucy said: “Yes, I think it’s pretty obvious that they were still sleeping together after they broke up.

She’s just absolutely besotted by him. But that wasn’t enough for Lucy.

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The explosive revelation at Christmas that Spencer cheated on Louise still has tempers running high. And while friendships and relationships are falling apart, a new romance has begun. Spencer is still smarting from having lost out to Francis in his bid to live with Jamie and Proudlock. Fashion Week has descended upon the capital and the Chelsea set have front row seats to all the must-see shows. What better excuse than to pop the champagne cork and party? Lucy is frustrated when she finds out that Jamie has a girlfriend.

Spurred on by Binky’s mum, she decides to confront him. After their dramatic break-up, Spencer and Louise have both decided it’s time to move on. However, it’s complicated and with new love interests come more complex relationship tangles. Spencer whisks Lucy away on a romantic date, while Andy takes Louise bowling.

Jamie, Josh, Proudlock and Spencer get revved up for a day at a car test track, and Mark’s first magazine deadline looms. It’s games in the garden, country dancing and bunting ahoy as Binky and her mum host a barn dance, but what drama will unfold in the country?

Spencer Matthews

We’ve reached series 19 of Made in Chelsea and although most of the original cast have moved on we can’t help but think of all the ‘odd’ couples that have been together on the show. In the mystical land of SW3, there are more brunches, near punches and cheating hunches we’re looking at you Spencer Matthews than we can even begin to remember. We all remember Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor’s epic relationship on the show but let’s take a look at the other original Made In Chelsea couples you had completely forgotten were a thing Remember when Jamie and Louise dated much to Spencer’s dismay in Louise then left Jamie for Spencer, causing a very traumatic love triangle indeed.

Spencer, 24, has become known as the show’s token love-rat, after he cheated on both Louise and his next girlfriend Lucy Watson, on numerous occasions. ‘I feel.

Just when you thought Spencer Matthews couldn’t tick any more love rat boxes that should be part of the census by the way or that him and Louise couldn’t possibly have yet another awkward break-up, last night’s episode of Made In Chelsea proved us all wrong. We won’t be making those kinds of silly assumptions again. Oh no. Because when it comes to the greased-up, posh love-child of David Brent and Russell Brand who goes by the name of Spencer Matthews, no low blow is too low.

After being unfaithful more times than a sex addict in the playboy mansion, the star of The Bachelor then went and cheated on Louise in her own bed. And now the pouty brunette has finally confronted Spencer about it. Wow, what a mental image that is. And because Spencer’s posh he probably has a hunting rifle at home to actually do this. Something to think about if he’s having a quiet evening in. But in true bad boyfriend style, Spencer had an excuse for constantly sleeping with everyone in his eye-line, even when he’s got a girlfriend – namely Louise.

Yes, he really tried to say that. We wonder who Spencer would thank in his acceptance speech. Probably hair gel and emotional chats by the river.

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Buy Made In Chelsea – Series [DVD] from Amazon’s DVD & Blu-ray TV Store. Louise Thompson, John Pereira, Oli Tridgell, Made in Chelsea (Complete The first series finds playboy Spencer caught between his girlfriend, Funda, and.

Another Monday night, another cracking episode of Made In Chelsea. We had break-ups, multiple cheating accusations and some good old fashioned riverside chats. It’s London Fashion Week in Made In Chelsea they’re a little behind and somehow all the characters have their pick of the shows, apparently. Mark Francis and his long-maned sidekick Victoria are anticipating a week of “waark, waark, waark,” and we were anticipating one of drama, drama, drama.

We weren’t left disappointed. And so we were treated to one of the worst break-up chats we could imagine. By the river, of course. It started off hostile and descended into cruel. Louise finally realised they’d been “wasting [their] time” together and called Spencer “the biggest sociopath” she’d ever met.

Louise Thompson hits out at exes in savage Twitter rant

Made in Chelsea is not the show it once was. Thanks to numerous big cast exits , the faces have quite literally changed before our eyes. There is one way, however, in which the show is still exactly the same. But sadly, that’s not a good thing. When Made in Chelsea first arrived on our screens in , just one year after its less posh but much more entertaining cousin The Only Way Is Essex , reality television in this form was still in its infancy. Viewers quickly became invested in Spencer Matthews, Hugo Taylor, Caggie Dunlop and Millie Mackintosh among others and we tuned in, in our millions, to watch how their relationships developed.

Stevie tells Andy that he was there the night Spencer cheated on Louise, Jamie continues to deny stringing Lucy along, and Andy asks Fran out on a date.

Episode seven of the BAFTA-winning satire of the idle, thick rich saw the peculiar love quadrangle hit by several unforeseen developments. For a start, Lucy and Louise both walked out on Spencer. No-one could have seen it coming. Not even Louise. It was unbelievably gratifying. But also true. Lucy’s advice as glorious and brutal in its simplicity: Andy could break up with HER first.

Made in Chelsea

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